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Innovations in Die Casting Heat Treatment

Heat treated high pressure die castings are rapidly being introduced into standard car bodies where lightweight strength is needed. As these castings continue to gain acceptance in production vehicles, CEC continues its industry-leading role in providing the testing and machinery to produce these castings with minimal blistering and distortion.The majority of automotive manufacturers who are serious about integrating heat treated Jasa Heat Treatment di Medan HPDC components into their models are currently running, or have run, their tests with CEC. As a result of these tests, many die cast production parts are being run through CEC’s innovative HPDC furnace systems right now. These systems feature the improvements that we have developed, specifically for complex structural die cast parts, in the areas of casting support via fixtures, uniform quenching systems, furnaces, and alloy/ part tailored recipes.With the largest collection of tests on treated high pressure die castings in the world, we are able to design an optimal recipe, quench process, and fixture for each component. Using GOM 3D scanning, we measure parts before and after heat treatment to ensure that parts are consistently meeting requirements for distortion while maximizing propertiesCEC is the Jasa Heat Treatment di Medan first furnace company to seriously push HPDC technology into real-world production, and the first to design this technology into a dependable system. We are the exclusive licensee & supplier for all CSIRO-developed HPDC teat treatment technology for NAFTA and the EU.


CEC has the world’s largest collection of tests on heat treated die castings.

We have been involved with die casting heat treatment since the beginning.

Designing the first HPDC Treatment SystemsCEC’s relationship with CSIRO began shortly after Roger Lumley & others performed the first practical testing of this technology. Since then, hundreds of HPDC heat treatment tests have been run by CEC. We have developed our own series of machinery designs to optimally heat treat complex structural die castings with minimal distortion or blistering.We provide the most comprehensive testing in the world in this area, drawing from the results of all CSIRO tests and our own extensive tests on a large variety of aluminum alloys. Using the latest technology in our large in-house testing facility to measure part properties and distortion after treatment, we arrive at optimal time and temperature recipes that yield superior properties with an extremely low scrap rate.As a new technology, treated die castings can cause a lot of problems in production. Recipes, quench systems, fixtures, and the furnaces themselves all need to be developed with a thorough understanding of the part’s geometry, target properties, and alloying constituents.Thorough testing and expert system design is the key to stable production and dependable part properties. In several cases, we have been called in by car companies to re-engineer and overhaul existing HPDC T7 treatment systems that our competitors have installed because of poor properties, unacceptably high scrap rates, or both.We encourage you to talk to a CEC expert in HPDC heat treatment before you purchase from another company that does not specialize in this challenging area. You can find more information on HPDC heat treatment in the following sections below, or by contacting us via the chat box to set up a private presentation.

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