Share your conventional things to god

I think that as a Christian that is our sole purpose. Regardless of what you do or do not do, it all comes down to sharing God’s love. This is extremely simple. We usually complicate matters to our own demise. There are a lot of easy day to day things we can do in order to share God’s love. All of us think of the large ministries all around the world and forget about the very fundamental things that make us Christians. It is not bad to have these big dreams But how is God going to trust you with a worldwide ministry if he cannot trust you with your the people around you. Can you imagine how the world would be like if all of us smiled and greeted one another on the roads without caring in case you know or you do not know them. ¬†The world will be full of color and happiness. Individuals will feel loved and cared for. Those very small details of humankind matter a lot than those huge things we do.

is God real

Sharing God’s love is all about being united as one. Most of us are God’s creation. Our race, color or source does not matter. Beneath all that we are the same. Most of us have the need to be loved and cared. You do not know it but your kind smile can save somebody’s life. The mightiest force in Presence, fully capable of accomplishing impossibilities and openly and generously given we do not need to attempt and beckon this remarkable love from a far off, distant kingdom. His love brushes up against us as He Walks along side, His arm thrown over our shoulder through difficulties, embraces us as we lay our weary heads on His lap and cry and He lifts our arms in victory as He high fives ourselves and ourselves as He delivers us from defeat.

His love comes in many forms but His love does not come from a distance. That is the cornerstone of Christmas. Christmas is about a radical love that could not be contained within the celestial sphere. In any religious gathering, the Participants must put aside their own private concerns for a time and focus is God real. When a group of individuals does this, the healing effect is deep and benefits not only the participants but also the Earth itself and all beings which are nearby, experiencing the radiance of light and love that is generated from such a sacred gathering.