Approaches to cook Cajun chicken recipe

Cajun cooking was conceived of necessity. When the British caused the Acadians to abandon Nova Scotia in 1785, there were approximately 1600 that had to discover somewhere else to live. They ended up in Louisiana and the major source of sustenance was from angling, farming and chasing. When the Cajuns settled in Louisiana, they were not met with hospitality. They were looked downward on by the French Aristocracy. The swampy areas were where they had to settle due to this treatment. Although they basically had been eating what the Aristocracy ate, this move caused them to have to adapt the recipes they knew and use things that were available. So they adapted the recipes to what they had or could develop and this developed into Cajun cooking.

Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

Because they sold a great deal of what they raised or caught, the Cajuns, as they became known learned how to create dishes out of the leftover products to feed their families. At this time families were quite large and the amount of sustenance fixed had to be enough to feed everyone. This necessity caused Cajuns to blend rice with almost everything eaten. Cajun Chicken was one of the dishes they discovered easy to prepare and was enough to feed the large families.

Utilizing what was available, for example, seafood, chicken, turtle and alligator many Cajun recipes were conceived. The use of a roux and the fat from whatever type of meat is being fixed; the ingredients and seasonings are what make the Cajun dish so different and tasty. Although many people associate Cajun sustenance with spiciness and being hot, this is not necessarily true. The use of spices is a part of the seasoning however the true Cajun recipes used the spices for the taste, not to add heat to the dish.

So Cajun is a combination of Southern and French cooking. Cajun Bourbon Chicken is made of chicken soaked in Bourbon and the Cajun spices are added. The starting points of this type of chicken are not agreed upon by very many people. Some say it is from Kentucky. Others say it was named after Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The marinade used for soaking the chicken is normally sugar, soy sauce and whiskey. This may be the reason for the name rather than any of the other reasons.

The disarray is due to the differences between the two names. Whiskey chicken and Cajun whiskey chicken do not use exactly the same ingredients. While the ingredients used in Instant Pot Chicken and Rice are also used in Cajun Bourbon chicken, there are a few things added to Bourbon Cajun chicken and this will vary according to the cook. The addition of Cajun Seasoning is not used in Bourbon Chicken. This can be the type you purchase in the store or if your underlying foundations are Cajun, it can be whatever ingredients handed around your mother or grandmother.