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A Day in the Life of a Power Washing Worker

In the midst of the warm steamy, haze the all-night star employee of a Mobile Power Washing Company, raised putting on rubber boots and yellow rainfall gear rubber trousers. He had simply cleansed over 12,000 square feet of concrete, consisting of the packing anchors, garbage areas, and sidewalks as well as about a quarter ways up the side of the large House Depot box shop on A-Street and, 400 buying carts.

Luckily, our Power Washing Hero is paid both an established income and also a per-square foot payment. Tonight he functioned alone, but it was cool, so he invested an excellent part of the night making both fog and also ice. The evening before he cleansed 4 1/2 junk food restaurants, the evening before that he cleaned up a huge auto parking framework, the evening before that a stadium, with a little team of 3, however this evening he worked alone. He did not mind, he can keep the 15% compensation on the job, which includes another $90.00 to his paycheck next week.

When he spoke with for the job they asked if he would not mind working nights, which he favored as he likes to oversleep. He stands up around 1 or 2 pm and goes to sleep around sun-rise. At first it took him a while to get use to those hours, now he has no rate of interest in transforming. Someday, he would love to own his own service, but on this evening, he simply pleased to work without anyone looking over him constantly, telling him what to do. As long as he obtains all the work done, with no complaints, he practically feels like he benefits himself anyhow.

Power Washing

As well as on this night he obtained performed in record time, thanks to the rain, which accelerate the procedure and conserved him a stop in cleaning up the purchasing carts using a blow-up youngster’s swimming pool to gather the wash water. By having the buying carts currently damp, that conserved one action in the cleaning procedure.

As the Creator of The Wash Guys, a mobile washing as well as cleaning up franchising business usually people ask me what it resembles to do the sort of work our teams do. Recently a few students; Mike as well as Colin, from Ryerson University in Ontario Canada, asked me to describe a day in the life of a power washing fuquay worker.

Prior to I began franchising my business, I ran a power-washing gear for 10-years, very much like the ones we later on franchised. Some days, I worked so hard, I hardly had time to sleep. I make use of to laugh to good friends as well as state;

Give thanks to God for dirt that was a really wise thing to earn the Globe from on that first day!

Obviously, we never lacked work, something constantly required washing. I have cleaned bridges, structures, trucks, trains, runways, sidewalks, garbage compactor, shopping carts, insides of car washes, chicken cages, wind generators, gondolas, arenas, theme park, manufacturing facilities, and well I might go on forever, over the years I have cleansed it all. Thoroughly, enjoying the environment and placing the dust back where it belonged.